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there came a huge no no actually a small wave

Hey I have so many things running through my mind I really don’t know where the line of my life is taking me I have 2 know to what extent I have made justice to the people around me It was my thinking that my life was just like the sea that doesn’t know its actual shore I lived my life like any other dumb person who has every thin but still cries I don’t know if what people said was true that I was just another spoilt sport but to my understanding I feel that my thinking is totally different I am really not crying over a stupid reason that they r wrong and I deserve something else the thing I really want is some space, some space 2 breath openly .This was my life until one point ,”see I said my life was like the sea there came a huge no no actually a small wave in the beginning he came into my life like any other loser but made me realize that I don’t need 2 fly for freedom while I can walk with him and feel free he made me sense that I don’t need fake people 2 care about me as he really cares about me he has been unfair sometimes over materialized people oops I must say many of them but u see it really dint bother us ………………………………………….yes there’s more I know my life is real interesting (contd) he has the magic to take away all my worries with his one smile that means a lot to me it just ensures me his presence with me throughout and yes I agree most of the times I cry because of him but he makes up for all those times he has hurt me. There is an old saying”u always hurt those people who u love the most in ur life” I guess I apply this to our life …………………………………..Guess I found the meaning to my life. My love ‘******’.

Guess there is always a draw back of all ur ideas there r many things that don’t workout in a relation ship we spent 1 year 5 months planning our future but today I stand here without him we no longer see eachother but as I am writing this letter I am sure about one thin that we still belong to eachother with all our hearts my life has lost its meaning……………………………….
Its been another wonderful day with my friends its really fun to be with my new friends n of course ****** my lil sis though she is elder to me I have to take care of her like my small baby I also do pamper her like a baby n she even in return troubles me hurts. …………But that’s her innocence I told u she was my baby if one day I have to write a book on my life ***** has to be in all of my chapters along with my friends n my family n my brothers n my sisters ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………alas I have to mention ****** he just fills my list I feel so empty without him. He is all I want, I have to mention that I took for granted all the time .my life seems to be such a story that someone has well planned and written, every thin is so dramatic and so filmy just like the next line.” it is said that you don’t realize a persons importance until he leaves “ he has left so many times but I never felt so lame like how I am feelin now…………………. the reason can be before every time he left I was sure of his return. I really cant understand whats with him, no clue of whats happening in my life the more I try to figure out whats with my life the more I get entangled in it as a Fri. end I am proved wrong im the ‘loser’.
I wish I was given a power to know whats running through his mind I don’t really understand what makes him think that I am playing with his life I really don’t understand why is the world so important to him .he is a human its normal to feel bad or feel insulted if people talk bad about ur opposite its really understood.but………………………………well here I run out of words but cant someone just go and tell him how much I love him how much I care about him he is the only person I am bothered about I guess I am goin crazy
One of my worst episodes 27th of jan had an argument wid dad got really mind blown so left the house this one thing messed up my life big time I was separated wid my only support S* but because of that day all are a bit more concerned about me. This day brought me close to B* again, the very day we got back the same restrictions all over again this time I thought lets try my relation his way .at the start every thin was working comfortably, here again I make a mistake of believing fake appearances parents concern all for a matter of 2 days and he………… is where everything gets messed up another fight ruins everything this time he slaps me in front of everyone on the station n again near his house I lose it n I leave. I guess I figured this time what gets wrong between us, we just get others as an lame excuse the problem lies in us we r the same, we r filled wid lots of ego, pride, anger, no patience at all, we hate others interfering in our lives guess time should and will help us coz we both know that we need each other and especially I need his love that’s all I need. I GET BACK TO HIM ON THE I6TH
Today is the 17th every thin goes good today no fights no argument its just the 2 of us the day passes so soon we spent it just know in each other even more better. I remember the songs we heard today that meant so much the songs still echo all around me especially the song “if tomorrow never comes”, right here waiting for you, nothing’s gonna change my love for you. Time really flew fast when I really wanted it to go slow
It was sad that I had to go back home leavin him felt like such a big problem but as I walked down the lane to go back home I felt so complete I felt no worries around me I felt like being on the top of the world, reached home had a long sleepless night
Today is the 18th SUNDAY
Well done a lot seen a lot now here wait in for my baby to call me love him a lot missin him to well I am crazy so is he but the best part bout us that we love each other no one to bother us but just wanted to tell him nothing can take him away frm me

Well today is another drastic day I am here wait in n thinking bout him this is surely the end the only end for every thin but………………………..if god u really there n u love me even a bit n u care bout me the only thin I ask u is tht be wid my baby always I cannot blame him right coz I knw whose fault it is right well even then god I feel so proud bout him really rather I am proud bout our relationship..When I grow big n I think bout these days I might cry a lot 2yrs yeah surely nothing is gonna change wht he means to me deep down the lane the love I have for him will nevr change n ill always dream bout havin a future wid him n bout our 4 kids love u baby I need u well but u be happy thts all I want
Today’s day goes even bad missing u a lot sometimes I wanna knw if u missing me to like the way I miss u hate when I don’t listen to ur voice well Richard Marx is sing in the background n I feel he’s true why cant u see it baby tht I never wanna hurt ya u make me be rude to u I love u we break off n come back thts coz we love each other a lot n cant live without each other pls baby try n understand whteva is gonna come by I am gonna be wait in for u lifelong u tell me so many times tht u knw me more than I knw myself well then cant u understand the way I feel bout u n seriously u gotta bet on my love coz u knw I will prove tht to u well what else do u wanna know pls baby at least once lemme know tht u still love me…………n u can’t forget me lemme knw tht u still thinking of me everyday ,every minute, every second………………..alas no words to tell just want u to knw that

this is my written life


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