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saving the "home run" for marriage

My BF and I have only been dating for two months, we were at the movies, and he went to get us some more popcorn, when he texted me, and wrote "com out, i have something you might like" When I came outside of the theater, he backed me up against the wall and kissed me so passionatley, that we went on for so long, I couldn't count. It felt kind of embarrassing, making out in front of everyone, so we went home, holding hands. I invited him to come in, my parents were watching tv, and they were okay with it. We went up to my bed room, and sat on my bed. We somehow ended up talking about laundry detergent, and when we started talking about tide, he wrapped his arms arouond my waist and kissed me. We didn't go on for long, when we stopped, he smiled at me. I said "what?" he said, "I love you." We made out for an hour, he kept rubbing his hands higher and higher up my shirt, he's not a pig, so he stopped, and didn't touch my breasts, then started to go lower, and lower, back to my waist. We were totally frenching, the whole time. We were kind of dancing to no music. When we were done, I said I'd run down and get something for us. I run back upstairs with ice, and we do that freeze french kissing, where we pass the ice back and forth. He keeps repeating "I love you." Then he blowed into my ear, and bit my lip gently, I pulled away, turn around, and sit on my bed. I pat the spot next to me, indicating him to sit next to me. I whispered " I love you too." and threw my arms around him. We roll around in the bed, laughing and making out. That night we sort of rounded third base, but don't worry, we're definitly saving the "home run" for marriage.


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