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mon amour je t'aime

In 2006 I was 14 and going into 9th grade. I always think I fall in love with the beautiful boys I meet at this camp where everyone is famous and lives the lives their parents gave them as socialites and CEOs.
I already really liked boy1 from paris who had strong cheekbones and wore high fashion and had long hair that swished over his eyes. He thought I was pretty two and we flirted those first 2 days but then one night my friend Ali and I met another group of boys. One french boy with curly dark brown hair and sparkling brown eyes caught my eyes

and then i think i really felt true love for the first time ever he smiled and me and him and we knew we wanted to be together and talk and i was happier than ever before sitting next to him on the grass on a breezy summer evening. throughout the camp i talked to no-one about these feelings but i think about him always. somehow i wasn't sure he liked me and since these were deeper feelings than ever i didnt let anyone know. we talked, had lunch,laughed together,
smiled together and i asked him for advice on how to make it work with boy1

then the last week all the campers went on a cruise in the city's harbour and a gorgeous brazilian boy who i later found out was from the 3rd richest family in brazil and his father was a wimbledon star asked me to cruise night. so i agreed happily since everyone had a crush on him.
later i saw my true love and smiled and waved as i sat down with the brazilian at a assembly-like event. my love smiled sarcastically and waved before sitting down with our other friends. camp ended we all traded emails and numbers and promised to meet in saint tropez soon

i continued the long-distance relationship till december with the brazilian but i always had in the back of my mind my french love. forever and still i had the image of his sarcastic smile which was the last real expression i got from him ever
then in march i IMed him and we discussed true love and life and marriage for hours and i asked him how he would act if to a girl he was in love with. i told him i loved him and he told me he loved me too and that i was the most stunning beautiful amazing girl he ever met and i had the perfect acts of french charm. and someday he wanted to marry me,
we discussed what church in paris we'd have the wedding and how it would work since although french, my family was mainly jewish-american as well

this last summer of 2007 passed and he did not return to camp to both of our dissapointments. i hooked up with a cute boy from hungrary and rejected all oppurtunities to date someone. i have not gone out with anyone since we found that me and my love were both deeply in love.
this noel i am coming to paris to see him after a year and a half of being in love..

sometimes i wonder though how he can love me? it is an amazing thought that two people can care so deeply for one another at 15 years old that no-one else can make them so happy yet so miserable to be apart.

mon amour je t'aime.


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