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I love you and you'll never know it

To the love of my life and to the departure of my hope and dream..........

I have waited for you which is sooooo unlike the ordinare...
I met you and you were so different from everyone else, but yet, everything I have ever wanted. I fell in love with you unexpectedly.... I know I was "different," to you. I was mean to you, acted like I never have before. I think I was so scared of actually finding the "best," and it was great, so "unreal," I couldn't believe it was happening and i rejected you because senselessly I was afraid to find you and lose you. Well I did, to my fault; yet yours as well.

I love you and always will. Mr... (the best), you didn't feel the same. All I know is......... I love you.

It's been a year of my hoping you'll come back for me. You're not here. The 27th came and gone. Yet, tonight, while I am writing this, the feeling of doom has finally left my stomach. The hope has gone. I will always love you until the day I die. Noone will ever compare.... But, at the same time, I have given up hope you'll be back. I love you. Just know it. I can at least always look back and know that I actually fell in true love, even though it was uninvited.

I love you and you'll never know it.



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