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I can't wait until then. It will be incredible.

Basically...we met playing an online game. We became good friends, then I gave her my cell number. We talked a lot...and I mean a lot. I went over on my bill by $600. We had fallen for each other. Then, after my parents taking my phone away, we found ways to actually speak to each other over the computer. After about 7 or so months, she though I liked someone else, so she said we should take some time away from each other. I attempted suicide 3 times that week, then, one of my close friends kissed me while I was grounded and I had no way to tell her. My friend and I dated, because I had thought she liked someone. Then, when I got ungrounded, I found out she hadn't liked that guy, so I dumped my friend. (she hates me now XD) Then, in June, on the last day of school, we finally met face to face. It was the best day of my life, and when our parents finally left us alone, we kissed. It was in a hotel parking lot, but it was still amazing. We almost had sex in that few days she was here, but we were't left alone for long enough XD. When she left, I cried all day, and she cried a lot on the 2 day ride home. I know. I love her more than anything, and when I'm 18, I'm moving, transfering schools, and living with her. (Her mom already said I could XD) I can't wait until then. It will be incredible.


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