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I wish you well, because tonight I have given up on you

There is someone out there I love to no end. He is not around and that's fine.

Tonight something amazing happened. The one for the past year who has been trying to let me know how much he will always be here for me. Well tonight changed everything. Tonight, one of the most challenging nights.... Who is here? Him... He is here... Not you. I then realized, it's not you, who is worthy of what I offer. It's him.

I will always love you, but I think God finally brought my way the one who deserves my love.

It's not me who loses here, I won. I won a treasure who has been in my life the past year and no matter how hard I try to get rid of him, he sticks around. The past year I have been with him and wishing for you. Tonight, things turned.

One day you'll see I was worth the chase. Tonight I realized what a stupid idiot I have been. He is so much like you which maybe that is why I tried pushing him away. NO matter how I try, he won't go anywhere.

Same profession as you but a different person entirely. All I feel now is I should have been better to him. Since, he's not going anywhere I will show him how sorry I have been and treat him the way he deserves.

It's not your loss. It's my loss. I wish you well, because tonight I have given up on you and I realized I have the "Best," and have had this entire time. Tonight I not only have given up on you, but I hope you find the one who will make you feel you are the luckiest in this world.


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