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I never expected to meet a girl & fall in love

Hey my name is Jonathan, I am 16 yrs old & I have had quite a few bad relationships latley. I got so sick of it I almost wanted to give up on girls & just stop dating for a while to stop the heart breaks that keep hapening to me. But little did I know, things were going to get better. I had just got out of a terrible relationship with this one girl. She hurt me so bad. Cheated on me & did everything wrong in the book that you would possibly think of. I one day went to church & started to pray. I said to myself, "Dear lord god, is it possible that you bring a young christian girl into my life? A girl that is ment to be with me? right now in this next year if I ask of it?" I said,"god can you do that for me, that's all I want is for the right girl to come into my life". & I remember that very day in Church when I prayed for that. Anyways, the days went by, weeks & weeks pasted, & even months to.


I just finished my sophmore year of high school & I planned to go stay in Texas the whole summer with my older sister. The day I got there in Austin Texas was may 11th, my sister & my brother in-law picked me up from the airport. They had to go straight to church because they had practice for a upcoming concert that was a day away. We arrived at the church & my sister & I walked inside. She introduced me to the youth that went there. Then we walked outside & I'll never forget that moment. As soon as I opened the door to step outside, I saw the most beautiful girl standing right before me. It was like love at first sight. My eyes attracted to her like a magnet. She walked over & started talking to my sister. My sister said, "Hey, this is my brother Jonathan, he's gona be staying with me for the summer". I looked at her & we shook hands. She said, "hi I'm Daniela". Thatz how we met ;)The day went on & we were all in the church building. The youth was practicing for the big day & I just couldn't take my eyes off her. A thousand things went through my mind that evening. I was thinking man I can already see myself with that girl while I'm here. I wonder when it will happen. I wondered how & when or if we would hook up. I went home that night & that's all I was thinking about was her. So you see, it's like I was already in love. The next day came & it was the day of the concert for Christian rap artist "Trip Lee" to perform. The youth had to arrive early to set up the stage & practice a few more hours before the big evening. The day went on & I talked to her here & there. I remember going over to sit in the car to listen to some music. My lil nephews were sitting in the back playing a psp game. A girl I had just met walked over to me & started talking to me. It was her sister. She sat in the passenger seat & started talking to me like if she had known me for a while. She was real friendly though. I remember talking & she asked me, "Do you like my sister"? I looked over at her & said, "Yeah I do actually, she is very pretty". I said, "Don't say nothing though" but ha. Yea right! It's not like she wouldn't of said nothing to her sister! So as clueless as I was I guess she went over to her sister & told her that I liked her. From that point on, we started talking more & more every day. Flirting & all that. After a few weeks, sure enough I asked the question. We hooked up ;) well like I said, I came from Colorado to spend the summer with my sister here in Texas. I never expected to meet a girl & fall in love. But since I arrived there in Texas, I didn't want to leave. I think about her every day. She's the one who's always on my mind day in & day out through out the week. But I always worried about what would happen if I had to go back home, If we would fight about breaking up or not. I just think about everything that I like about her. I really am grateful to of met a girl like that. Now I can say she's mine ;) So with all this. I went there to Texas & it started out great. I met a girl that I started to fall in love with.


After the time went by I begen to relize. Wow god really did answer my prayer. I asked for a christian girl. I got a Christian girl. It may not have been right away but it happened. I told her that I prayed for that. What she told me suprized me. As soon as I told her about that. she told me her little story. She said that she got out of a relationship with this one guy. She prayed to god to bring a christian guy into her life. & look sure enought that happened. So I believe that it really was god that brought us together. She prayed for it. I prayed for it. & check this out! We met at a church!!! what better place to meet someone!? That's the house of god so that just shows right there we were ment to meet that day & god answered both of our prayers. I was ment to go to Texas. God led me to my love. In a whole other state! & for her she probley believes god brought me to her.


After the good long summer in Texas, I ended up liking it so much I wanted to just stay until my parents moved to Texas next summer. So I asked if I could & they said it was okay if it was okay with my sister. My sister said yes, so that was the deal. I was set to stay in Texas. I told my girl & she was so happy as well as I was myself. Then the unexpected happened. A few weeks later plans changed & they said I couldn't stay cause of school & money issues. I was devistated about the situation. I told my girlfriend & she went from being happy to as sad as can be. I told her I have 2 more weeks here & then I'm going back home. She cryed for me as well as I did for her. I didn't want to leave her. I love her & I wanted to stay. But there was nothing I could do about it.


Now here I am, Back in Colorado. Thousands of miles away from my girl. She told me that she didn't want to break up & that she would wait for me till I come back to stay/live in Texas. I agreed with her & I let her know I wanted to stay with her just as bad. I wouldn't want to be with no other girl. So we didn't break up. It's been a little over a month now that Iv'e been back & I'm missing her like crazy. But come to find out. I really do think

"she's the one"

& I'll tell you why......
Just a few weeks ago she called me up sayin "babe, your never going to believe what just happened now"!!! N I said, "try me". So she started telling me about what had happened. She said that they were having a womens night at her house for the church & one of the ladies that were there was a prophet. Come to find out. She told my girlfriend that she seen her & I in a church doing great things. & that she seen us together for a very long time! So I believe it. yall don't have to. But I know that I'm going to be with her for a while! I Love her so much. & this is just the begining. We have our whole lives ahead of us. So even though I'm not gona be there in Texas to live for another 9 monthz. were gona make this
"Long-distance relationship" & were gona show everyone that we can do it. but for now this is just the first part of a love story.......& I hope to continue on with it in the years to come with the girl that I love <3
morning night


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