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it's a typical love story...

it's a typical love story...
we started out as friends, we knew we both liked eachother but didnt know it at the time. a couple months later he asked me out. we had a perfect relationship. he treated me like a queen and as if nothing else mattered just as long as i was happy. i admit, that i didnt treat him all that good, i just took him forgranted. 2 months after we were dating i ended up getting drunk at a party and sleeping with another guy. my boyfriend confronted me and i had to come clean. he said we could work it out and that he forgave me, but me and my stupid self just wanted to give up. i broke up with him a week later. 4-5 months went by with me living a crazy life, partying,guys,everything! finally we started talking again, and i began to change. i realized that the party scene wasnt all that i thought it was and that being used wasnt fun. i finally came to my senses and started to change. my ex and i started talking everynight, and my feeling for him grew more than ever. then i came to find out he has a girlfriend. it was like a knife stabbing me through the heart. i couldnt believe it. he waited for me for all those months and finally when i come to my senses he gives up. i couldnt believe it! he says he still loves me, and that nothing will ever change that. i took his virginity so thats another big reason we'll never forget eachother. but im just so confused, he still loves me and i still love him so shouldnt that just be an answer for him to dump the other girl? i really dont know, all i can do is wait for him like he waited for me.
baby, i'm holding on really tight, im waiting for you...for as long as it takes.


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