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Its scary but I know I have to take a chance

Even though we're far away he still has hope that we will end up together. Hes always optimistic about everything. He doesnt want to just give up on me... I didnt think that things would work out and thought this is impossible because at the end I might just end up hurt. Ive never had a boyfriend before or even my first kiss. I alway was careful about choosing the right guy and finally I think Ive found him. I trust him so much but Im still worried a bit that I might fall in love with him and that if we dont end up together and he finds another girl Ill feel crushed I know it. Ive never been heart broken before and after seeing what people go through when they do ... I just dont think Im up for it. Its scarey but I know I have to take a chance for once and here I go with my hopes and wishes that we'll end up together... soon.


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