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love ... it's just very painful

So there this one guy that i like. I started liking him since last year, we had math class together. He's really nice to me. He helps me when i have problems and he give me hugs. One day i went to the football game, and i saw him there. Hes saw me and he gave a hug. Since there was a homecoming coming up after that day i was of asking him to the dance and he's single too. I was sitting with my friends and just watching the game, while my friend are talking really loud, i was very quite. I took a real quik glance at him, and he saw me and i smile at him. He came up to me and said "hi! wat's up". I wasn't really nervous because i know we have been friends. We talk, it was also my chance to ask him to the dance, but my tounge wouldn't say it. I started getting nervous about asking him.

I didn't really ask him until after that day. He gave me his phone number and i gave him mine. Lunch time, i finally did ask him, I asked him "Will you go to the homecoming with me?" and he answered " yes sure if I'm going cause i don't know if i'm going or not." I was a little sad about what he said but i was ok. The night came and i saw him there, i was too afraid to get close to him cause he was hanging out with his friends. I just pretended that i didn't see him. He saw me and came up to me and ask if i wanna dance, so i said yes happily. We were dancing and i was really nervous like i would get sick. While we were dancing he left me and ditched me. I didn't wanna follow him, cause it's already rude of him that he ditched me. I was mad cause even i didn't follow him but my eyes did. I saw him talking to his ex. I was really heart broken. Until now i can't forget what happen. I thought he was actaully the only guy thats not a jerk.

I don't wanna be in love anymore its just very painful.


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