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he went 'gangsta'and i went metal,indie,rock

i'm only 18 so people always say 'you don't know what love is'but i know i feel it for this boy.he has been my next door neighbour since we were 1 and 2.our families get on fine and he is like a second brother to me or should i say was,we went our seprate ways when we went to secondary school but he still came round and we would just talk for ages and we would go out but they werent dates.and on january 6th 2004 he came to my house and we went to the living room and we just sat there talking,i then went downstairs for about 10 minutes and when i went back up he wasnt there he was in my room reading my i had rite a lot about him and he looked at me and chuckled,and he always gives me a look as if he has x-ray eyes because he really studied me and sighed.i must of looked hurt because he said 'no its not like that,i love you but according to this you only like me kind of'and i burst out laughing and thats when he kissed me gently on my was amazing,he then gave me his ring that he always wears to evry football match he plays.i was in heaven.then it all went great he had memorized my favourite song beautiful soul by jesse mccartney and the beatles all you need is love and sang them to me.we went on dates and my friends loved him i also liked most of his friends until we went into year 8.this is when he went 'gangsta'and i went metal,indie,rock rather than just any old song.but there comes a price, he started becoming a real badboy and bunking but then i was 12 and naive i still loved him,but he was getting rather rowdy he also started to show off in fron of his friends by the time he was 13 he had an asbo.because my mum and his mum were best friends in the whole world we all had a key to each others house to pop in whenever we i did because i had no seen him for about 2weeks and i went to his room and knocked but noone answered so i was about to go downstairs till i heard giggling and i decided to go in and there he was with the local slag from round the corner shagging her with her top off fondling her.i couldnt believe it,how could someone you love so much hurt you so badly.i was so upset i couldnt even be angry,by that time they had seen me and he burst out crying and tried running after me but i locked myself in his bathroom and stayed there for about 2hours until i stopped crying and he had stopped kicking down the door.i went out and climbed over him because he had fallen asleep there,i had an urge to lie down next to him and cuddle up with him but i stopped myself and left.the next day his and my mum already knew and tried comforting me ,but i just wanted my 6 best friends round for ice cream and a sleepover i just wanted to forget and it worked if i saw him i ignored him until he was treansfered to my school because he was bad in his and mine was quite strict.unforunatley they asked him if he knew anyone and hje said me which meant he was in my tutor set and because of our surnames we had to sit next to each other for every lesson and i started to soften up again and i said we could be friends but i still felt strongly for him but not really happy with him then one day i was out with one of my friends walkind my dog i saw him smoking dope with his friends by this time i was 15 and he ws soon as he saw me he put it out and left his friends but i picked up my dog and my friend and i ran to my house an hour later he came and sat outside my front door ringing and ringing and singing my favourite songs this made me feel better somehow so i let him and he apoligised and told me he was blackmailed and i made him a better person i felt so touched and then my first kiss was then and it was lovely he smelt of strawberries and cream.after all it has been a happy ending we are both in oxford university he is studying law and in studying over the moon we are roomies and most of my friends got in only four now go to cambridge but luckily they are not my best friends they are just people my best friends got life so far is going great!xxx


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