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i wonder if he ever felt something for me too.

My love story started in the time i least expected it to be.It was April 25,2007 and my freind was having a fifteen party, she wanted me to be in her dances and stuff.I gladly said yes to her since that time i had nothing much to do.Well that yes was the most beautiful mistake i had ever done in my life.
The first day i went to her house to practice i was nervous cause i didn't know who was my dance partner.The thing i knew though was one of my other good friend was going to be there too, so i didn't feel bad.When i first arrive my other good friend was there and we talked about stuff.Everyone came my freinds cuzins and friends, we were all ready.She was making partners, gladly my partner wasn't there.The day went by fast and once we finished practicing we just talked with each other.I talked to my other good friend and chilled.we went to call our parents to pick us up and the others too.There was this one guy in my friends practice that once i saw him i felt something inside and it was like my inner voice was telling me something.
The next day my friend, the one making the party called to say i was going to be his partner.I was not ok at first but then i just thought that it was ok.The next practice i went to they told him that i was going to be his partner and it seemed he wasn't ok with it too.we got together and danced but didn't say a word at all.when we finish dancing he started talking to me, like saying how old did i think he was and i told him how old did he think i was.By the end of the day we started to get to know each other and he was a cool guy.
The next few practice we would talk a lot and he would make me laugh.( I was shy though). There was this time when i called my dad to pick me up and he was at the living room sitting in the sofa.I wanted to sit next to him but i was too shy so i sat at the other end from him.When he saw that i was sitting alone he just got up and sat next to me.We started talking about when parents get worried that we would do something bad, we mad jokes about it and just laughed. For the next couple of days everyone thought we had something going on,they told us that it was the way we looked at each other.
There were just few weeks til the big day and he would stare at me when i wasn't looking, I caught him looking at me a couple of times.He liked him a lot by that time that i wanted to tell him but was afraid that he wouldn't feel the same way.Little by little he began ignoring me and when the big day came i found out he had a girlfriend.I was hurt inside but kept it, he looked hot in his tux that day and i could'nt tell him how i felt inside.Though out the whole day he would talk about his girl and i would hide my hurt with a smile.The funny thing is i felt that he still liked me because he would stare at me and keep his gaz for a long time.Saddly his girl came and he didn't talked to me at all, when i finally left i looked back at him and said a silent goodbye.Up until now i miss him and i wonder if he ever felt something for me too.


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