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Things can Change

i met this wonderful guy last year around december. well we became good friends and in febuary we decided to start dating. it was the best time ever but i have strict parents and i couldnt get out a lot so we broke up cause we couldnt see each other that much. we just completly stopped talking cause it was to hard to see each other. i was still in love with him but didnt think he would feel the same but my friend kept telling me he did

well on my 16th b-day my friends call him up and tell himm to come down and guess what one of my friends hokes up w/ him i was so mad but that got me and him to start tlaking again and i still had feelings for him. he told me he didnt really like her and in august we started dating again but i guess we thought it would be like it was before but it wasnt and it didnt work out it only lasted less then half as long as before i still like him but i know it wont work out both of us are completly different what i'm trying to say is if you still like some one dont totally relie on what you had before doing that just might mess it all up.


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