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"Love is expensive; yet it is more expensive NOT to love."

It was the perfect meeting!!
I was at work one day when he (a complete stranger then)came up to me and asked me to our college Championship Basketball Game. I was surprised, for i had seen him in the hallways and cafeteria, but i had never known him to be interested in me at all. And so we went on our first date--t'was nerve-wrecking and yet it left a lasting impression to me. And THAT was the first of our many dates.
He was the perfect gentleman and a born romantic at heart.He sent me flowers not only on special occasions but also ordinary days..days when i least expected it. He wrote me poems that made my heart melt even more for him.
I felt protected, cared for, and loved. I knew then that he was the RIGHT one for me.
But isn't it amazing how when decide to give your all to someone you love, then that's when FATE throws a curve ball at you?
Well that curve ball happened one sweet and unexpected day. He called me up and said that he wanted to talk. So we met at our favorite gazebo. With tears in his eyes, he started out with these words, "You are a GREAT girl...probably the greatest i've ever met. But..." The rest of the conversation was a blur to me. All i got out from it was that he's leaving...he didn't know why...but that he just needed time to think.
Being the good understanding and proud girl that i was, i said YES and that it was ok. I smiled at him and bid him goodbye...he asked for 1 last minute to look at my face as if trying to memorize every single detail of me. Then i left.
The story should have ended there, but NO!! After 3 months, he came back and said that now he was done thinking and had finally decided that it was ME he missed and love. Did I take him back? oh, yes i did, thinking that he was for real this time.and that it wouldn't happen again.
But it did! Same conversation, different time, same pain and even more so this time. I never asked why. i thought it would be enough for me not let him see the tears, the pain that he was causing me, the fear that he wrought deep inside, and the agony of facing a future by yourself. And so for the second time in my life, i smiled through my grief and told him YES and that it was ok.
Almost 3 years had passed since that time. The last news i heard about him was that he got married just recently. Do i still feel pain inside? No, just a certain sadness and relief at the same time knowin that we'll never be together again and knowing that NOW i can fully and completely move on! :)
LOVE is a wonderful and yet a painful thing! Do i have regrets? In a few things, YES.. but ENTIRELY, NO!! I've learned so much from that reltionship and somehow the pain i went through just made me stronger and had help shaped the ME now.
"Love is expensive; yet it is more expensive NOT to love." It's your choice..count the cost before you get in a relationship.


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