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Sad Titanic story

sad titanic story:a young boy at age 14 had borded the titanic with a friend at age 13 and her family.the boy really loved his friend and she loved him as much also so she invited him to go on the titanic with her father,mother,and brother wich the young boy really knew very was 9:20pm the young boy was asleep on the front of the ship on a small bench.the young girl came up to him with a glass of cold water and through it at the boy

boy:what the hell?o its u haha thanks now im not thirsty

girl:do you like the water?(giggles)

boy:damn what time is it?

girl:hey you didnt answer my question its about 9:24pm

boy:ok thanxs how is everything?

girl:good my parents are at the kitchen lounge eating right know

boy:o why dont you eat something?you know thats bad for you if you dont eat

girl:o yea?then why dont you eat?

boy:cuz im not hungry

girl:you dont ever eat do you ur the one who is gonna be sick later

boy:no im not so calm your ass down (chuckels)

girl:what if i dont want to calm my ass down huh?

boy:o so u wanna fight then?ill knock u out

girl:u?o yea please hahaha ill throw u off this ship and u will drown

boy:but i thought u loved me?damn the things u tell me and all i said was that i love u

girl:u fucking liar u told me u were never gonna lie to me no more

boy:watch your french and im sorry just having a little fun

girl:sure i love u to though

boy:anyways about your little question about the water i...

the young boy was interupted by a strong quake on the collosal ship

boy:what the hell was that!!!

girl:i dont know but i think the ship hit something what if the ship sinks?

boy:cmon ur crazy the ship just must of bounced of a rock or something dont worry about it

girl:hey ill be right back ok im gonna go see my parents

boy:chicken haha fine go ahead ill wait

she quickly walks away into the titanic while the boy looks out into the cold sea.then in about 20min later out of no where he hears
a loud scream then more screaming after the first.he quickly wonders what is going on and worrys about his friend so he quickly runs into the titanic.people running out of different directions panicking.the boy looks around the kitchen as it gets clearer of crouds.he finds her next to the cafeteria.

boy:are u ok?damn what the hell is going on?

girl:i dont know but im scaired people were yelling that the titanic is sinking

boy:dont worry stay calm people are just panicking were gonna be ok trust me

girl:i dont know what if it is sinking i dont wanna die lets look for my parents please

boy:do u trust me?

girl:what do u mean?

boy:do u trust me?

girl:yes i do y?

boy:cuz u are not gonna die like this i wont let it happen

girl:thank u that means alot right know

boy alright cmon lets go see if we can find your parents

they search outside the titanic then they come to a croud of people screaming.they get closer and see all the comotion then they hear a gunshot!!!

boy:what the heck?are we being robbed on the titanic?is that whats going on?

girl:r u stupid?y would anybody steal when thet cant go anywhere for an escape?

boy:damn im sorry im just wondering so calm dow...

he is interupted by another gun shot and hear something fall on the water.they both look overboard and find a security gaurd dead in the water with a gun on his chest and then slips down and sinks in the dark water.

boy:holy shit!!!did someone shoot him or did he commit suicide?

(girl):i dont know but now im freaked out lets hurry though

he grabs her hand and move through the crowd
boat takes off onto the sea and the girl spots her parents in it!!!

girl:mom!!!daaaaaaaad!!!come back please dont leave us!!!

the distant yell makes it to the young girls parents

girls dad:is that who i think it is?

girls mom:what?

she turns around and sees her young daughter with her friend

girls mom:please please turn this boat around my daughter is still on the ship!!!

caiptain of the 1st boat:im so sorry ma'am i cant there is not enough space and if we turn back people will be forcing themselfs on the small boat

girls dad:please sir dont u have a heart thats my flesh and blood we have to turn back!!!

caiptain of the 1st boat:im sorry but understand what im saying she can still make it if she gets on the other boats

girls mom:p-please jesus give us a miracle make my daughter i dont care how u do it j-just save her

a tear comes out of the captains eye as he feels so sorry for the parents.

girl:we have to find another boat hurry i dont wanna drown

boy:ok then cmon ur not gonna drown lets go hurry

they take off and find another boat farther than the first only this time they find the young girls brother in it but to far away to grab his attention.

boy:i see one last boat cmon

they run towards the boat thats still on deck

captain of the 3rd boat:is there any child out there!!!we have enough room for one more child quickly know!!!
the boy looks at his love life

girl:fuck no!!!i know what your thinking im not gonna leave you here

boy:please i told you that you wernt gonna die here that was also a promise

girl:b-but you always break your p-promesis look we can try to make room for u dont-dont do this to me i love u

boy:im so sorry it has to end like this please understand that this is the only way

girl:i wont leave u!!!ill die along by your side then

boy:u know i guess its true what they say once you find your soul mate one of us is bound to die later on

girl:no shut up!!!stop talking like that!!!

boy:please u have to get on hurry not much time!!!

girl:hell no i told u im not fucking leaving you i love u to much

boy:if u really loved me....u would leaave me...

girl:(gasp!)but i...

boy:remember what u said u dont wanna die like this your your gonna die of old age and have kids with your new man that will keep you safe and ill be there watching over you
also when no 1 wants to listen to u u can always pray to jesus and me so that we can watc over u and keep u safe


boy:please dont be sad just know that i love u

girl:i love u to ill never 4get about u

boy:goodbye then take care

girl:i really wish i could say the same goodb-ye

she huggs him for the last time and gives him there very first and last kiss

boy:we have one more child she needs to get boarded on the boat!

caiptain of the 3rd boat:bring her up then thank u lad u have done something good godbless you

people couldnt help but here the young couples conversation and some led out they lifted her up the boy had one more thing to say

boy:hey one more thing


boy:i love the cold water

the girl smiled as the boy answerd her question and knew he was lying she knew he was afraid to die.she waved to him and he waved back.she got on and she set sailed off.

the boy looked at her and did not stop until a rumble under his feet almost nocked him down he noticed the the ship was sinking but sinking as if the ship was going to sink backwards.

the boy hurried up the ship as it got steeper and steeper until it got to the point where he was running up a vertical hill.his love kept watching him as he struggled for survival.she couldnt beer it she tried to look away but could not.

the boy made it to the front of the ship as it sunk then down he saw another couple holding hands just a few feet away from him.he herd the man say to the woman.

man:rose do u trust me?

the boy couldnt belive what he just herd!the exact same words he said to his love

rose:yes i do y?

the young boy was feeling a stab in his heart he couldnt help but feel so much pain

man:the ship is gonna try to sink us in when i say jump u hold your breath and dont let go!just keep kicking towards the surface.

the boy thought of his plan and wonderd if it would work so he thought of trying it as well.all of a sudden the ships middle breaks in half making it quake again but this time with greater made the young boy jump and fall off.the young girl still watched him and let out a small yell.the boy managed to grab on the ships front fence bars.he couldnt hold on much longer and the way down was far.

he couldnt pull himself up!!!he just couldnt do it he kept trying he tried one last time he kicked as hard as he could he is gonna make it he pulled himself harder he might live he thought to himself he thought about his love and tried harder..until....a man next to him slipped and grabbed on to the boys leg he fell back the wait was unberable his life flashed before him and his hands lost grip

he couldnt belive it so close as he fell down towards the water the young girl watched in pain wide eyed with her mouth open tears fallin down on there own now she looked away and the boy helpless fell hit a bar directly on the back of his head flipped and smacked the water with great impact his vision blackend.

now he felt nothing as he lifted his hand out of the water as if he would grab onto something but only grabbed

by:edgar mendoza


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