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We've been together not by force...but by choice

I've done everything for you...I make you smile and laugh. You tease me, and i tease you back. We've been together not by force...but by choice. You said you love me and I said I love you, we both mean it. We are both young but that means nothing. Your parents do not approve of how we met nor do they approve of me either, but I am willing to wait for when they do approve, even if that never happens. You and I want a future together, we want kids, we want to die with our hearts complete. Sometimes the way it makes me think maybe I should leave and let you find someone else...But then I remember how I can't think of being with anyone else but you. We've had our arguments..but always make up in the end. We can't be together because of your parents judgment but that is 100% alright because I learned that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Why do I love you so much you always ask. Because your worth it, your worth waiting for, your worth risking my life for, your worth hugging. You make me feel like I'm the only one that stands out in your eyes. I've grown attached to you because you are in fact, the greatest person I have in my life and I never wanna find anyone greater. Sometimes your friends seem like they don't approve. Maybe they just talk to me because you love me. We've gotten through so much together, that I wanna finish the rest of my journey with you and only you. We've broken up twice, we've been through meeting the parents, we've had your friends dislike me for trying to win you back, I've been through the jealousy of you having another boyfriend, and you've been through the hard time of him cheating...but I made it all better didn't I? I'm always there for you when your sad, or really mad and wanna yell at someone. I don't even care if you yell at me because I know in your heart you love me just as much as I love you. You and I trust each other with our lives, we've had some certain special nights which were incredible, We've both been to dances watching in jealousy while our friends have dates and we're separated. But it all makes me love you so much that my heart will burst if I don't tell you. I got a job so maybe I can buy you something for your birthday this year or even for no reason whatsoever. You and I have both wondered what we did to deserve such misfortune of not being able to hug each other. But its all alright because with each passing day, we get closer to that day, that night, that hour, whatever anyone wants to call it. That time when We will meet. And I will hold you so close and kiss you so gently like you and I always wanted. I can always count on you to make me feel better. You make me feel like I can do anything in the world. I'd like to know what I can do to make your life happier. I want to make you so happy and say to your friends and family "Hey, thats my boyfriend." or say "Yes of course I love him, Hes made me the happiest girl alive!!!" I'm never trying too hard for you, its more like I'm not trying enough. So we're in this situation where we can't be a couple, and you think that I might of lost some love for you. Well thats not true. I wait for you everyday, I wish on a star every morning when I wake up at 5 in the morning when you can still see them. And then every night before I go to sleep, I wish we can be a couple forever and build up what we have together. So maybe I'm a creep or a freak or whatever anyone thinks of me for loving someone this much. But all you deserve is the best...and thats all I'm trying to do is be the best to fit your style. When you all fall in love you will all feel this way. Or maybe some of you already feel this way, its a really great feeling isn't it? Like you can do anything and feel comfortable. I swear we will be living proof that online relationships can work. Yeah its completely risky to try but when God lets you meet someone like this then you really need to take this risk. So how am I any different? Just because I love someone I met online? My love for this girl is unchangeable, infinite, and most of all...lasts forever. So She needs to understand that I don't wanna last a year in her life, I have to last a lifetime with her. I love you and only you, no one will ever change that...not even your parents(of course no disrespect) So thats all I have to say to this girl I love. Hopefully shes reading it...or maybe not. I guess I'll just have to show her won't I?


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