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Your pretty face will smile in my heart! :)

What I feel about you
I had heard about you from other girls, from many that said you were nice looking, they all liked you because you were handsome. When I saw you, I had to admit you looked so charming. But soon you were forgotten in my little head.
This year I didn't have any hopes or feelings to this new school. I knew there was no one for me to like, I was stubborn saying that I would hate this school. The first day of school was extremely horrible.. I had felt a rush of loneliness in myself because I was new to a new school.
As the week went on, I finally noticed that you were in MY CLASS.. when I thought there was no one to like, no one to make my day happy even if it was sad.. but you appeared
My views had changed.. I had felt happier being in a school I thought I had hate. I guess people do count for what school you are in. As every day pass by I feel like I like you but I keep wondering if I do like you. If I like you because of your pretty face. My heart appeared sad when I heard you were flirting with a girl, my heart was panicking when i knew my friend liked you. But now it doesnt matter cause you will never notice me... I will never get to meet the man that made me wonder so much. I had wanted to know you, the real you. Not just the pretty face you are.. but I guess I will not find out because I've decided to give up you... or if I had anything of you.
Your pretty face will smile in my heart! :)


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