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I went to Alaska with my grandparents this past summer,and met a boy the last night i was there, and we drove away while he was standing on the sidewalk, in the rain, as i look out the back window. luckily i got his e-mail, a few months later i decided to talk to him, and see what hes really like. he asked me out many times, and i always said no because i didnt know him, but when i finally knew him, and he asked me i already knew everything about him, so i couldnt say no....but i was scared...I live in Indiana, and really...ALASKA+INDIANA? i wasnt so sure. i could feel something bad was gonna happen, but it got better. I tried not to but i feel in love, and so did he. i would talk to him for 3 hours at a time. Then get yelled at because its a long distance call.
I decided that one day i was going to test him, because he was acting suspicious. So i made a fake myspace account titled "ELIZABETH B." and "she" added him...and he quickly replied... after a week,"they" were dating, and i carried on the relationship between us like nothing was wrong, when inside i was dying. he had no idea it was me... i would talk to him over the phone and he would be so sweet and swear he loves me with all his heart...then 5 minutes later i'd log on as " ELIZABETH B." and he would say the same. about how much he loved "her", when i was me all the time. i was crushed....but part of me still loved him, and part of me wanted to bash his head in!!
a few weeks later... i asked him about "her" like i knew nothing, and he said "she" was just a friend. then i would ask if he's ever lied to me, and he said, "no! never!" i knew he was just going to staight out lie. i told him it was me a few days later.He flipped out!! and didnt belive me at firt, then i would quote what he had said to "her" and he was mad at me.....SO I SAID SORRY!!!!HOW COULD I BE SUCH AN IDIOT!!!....SOMETIMES!!....sometimes... your heart knows things your mind can not understand. And that is how it was.
I still wanted to be with him, and he did too, so i let it go. a few more months later, i discovered more girls that acted a little "to friendly" tword him, so i did some snooping,and guess what...THAT CUTE LITTLE,LOVING,SWEET,FUNNY....CRAZY,LYING,RETARDED,HORNY!!........."MAN." cheated on me again...and again...and again...and again...and again.
OBVIOUSLY HE DOESNT LOVE ME!!! but he says he does, and he says he's "REALLY REALLY SORRY". I dont think i've cried more in my whole life than in that year, BUT i would do it all again...JUST TO SEE HIM ONE MORE TIME...


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