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She slapped me and started crying

Me and my girlfriend have been together for five years, and were both 20 years old. I was born New Year's Day and she was born on Valentine's day. Our fathers were buisness partners and close buddies, so we've known each other since we were little kids. We went to the same elementary, middle and high-school. So it was only proper that all the adults teased us that we'll end up together. And as kids...we hated it.

You know how kids are. Love wasn't really a priority. Actually its the farthest thing from our minds. But i liked her and she liked me. But it was more important how we looked in from of our friends. So the guys always messed around with the girls. My group of little friends always bothered and annoyed her little group of friends which obviously would result to her getting mad and then we would argue. This happened on a daily basis.

Then on her 15th birthday party, things kinda changed. it started off as a cool party, all our friends were there. She was pretty busy so i didn't have any real time to talk to her. So i chatted with a cousin of hers whom everyone thought was beautiful. So she got jealous and made it pretty obvious to me. This went on for a couple of hours and i just got annoyed by it.

So i went up to her in the middle of the huge living room where everybody was including our parents and started shouting at each other. Everyone just stared and we didn't really care. i asked her what was her problem and all she kept saying was you should know. I mean i'm a guy so i'm pretty clueless. That argument went on for about ten minutes till she just started yelling "You're so stupid!!!"

Then suddenly, I had no idea what i was thinking so i grabbed her and just kissed her. Not on the cheeks, or the forhead...on the lips. And everyone was shocked. Including me and her. Then when she pulled away, she stared at me straight in the eyes. Then...she slapped me. She slapped me and started crying. Then all she said was "That was for taking too long to do that." The she kissed me back.

So that was the official day that we were together and we considered as our aniversary. Feb.14 which ironically is also Valentines Day. So you can imagine how many gifts i have to get her during that day. But no amount of gifts can say how much I love her. Our parents were always supportive of the two of us. And after college, were getting married. She was my only girlfriend and i was her only boyfriend. So you decide? destiny or just luck? i dont care because whatever it is...i love her...


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