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You have no idea how much my heart cries for you everyday

You have no idea how much my heart cries for you everyday. All this time has passed and so little you know, yet you think you know more, but you're wrong. So wrong.

You just don't know this message is for you. I made mistakes, but not unforgiveable ones, not major ones, if you had more compassion, you'd know why things happened the way they did. You're not too good to just stop and listen to your heart. You're not too good to hear me because if you just stopped and just listened to me, you would completely understand and it would all make sense.

You're the one for me and I believe I am the one for you.

In only a couple of weeks, I am going to end up committing to a huge mistake. How do I know? I know because who I really love is you. What the odd thing is, is it is happening so close to you, with my luck probably blocks aways from you.

My prayers include you every night that one day you'll just realize what you've known. I'm not being arrogant, but I felt that you felt the same.

Just remember and know that I love you. Somehow I feel for you and no matter who I end up with, that deep down inside I would do anything in this life to be with you. I try so hard to deal with the realization you're nowhere around, but my thoughts linger daily of you and my heart continues to cry for you.

My love now is fake, but not in terms of you. I will love you and think of you and wished it was you until the day I die.

I just hope you know that someone in this world adores you. Loves you to no end, no matter what mistakes you make, no matter what negative things you may encounter in your life. I would have been there for you, no matter what. Not for your money, not for what you do, just you.

I love you and at least I can have the hope that one day you'll read this and know my message is only for you. I love you and I always will.


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