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on May 11th 2007 we started going out again!

We had been friends in 5th grade but lost tough intil 8th grade. I am not really sure how we came in youch again, but we did.I really liked him, but i had no clue if he liked me, so like any girl one of my friends asked him if he liked me. He told her he would tell her Friday, it was Thursay. On September 22nd 2007 he asked me out.We went out for a month I went to his Halloween party and things were great. Then for 3 days I went out of town and missed him a lot, but when i came back I was in for a surprise. He had told everyone that he was gonna break up with me, except me! I was like what the heck and when I asked him why he did he said we were better friends and to make it worse he broke up with me through a note! A note and he didn't even give it to me his self his best friend did. I was so upset and wouldn't talk to him. Finally like in May at our graudation dance I talked to him, i realized I liked him and my friends told him without me knowing. He asked me out! So on May 11th 2007 we started going out again! We are still going out and I really do love him Im 14 almost 15 but there is love there! He's the best ever!

Love ya!! xoxo =D


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