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Lookin into yo eyes made me realize dat

Love Rap

Lookin into yo eyes made me realize dat ur da only one fo me n my fo u will foeva be hopefully when we get olda we can get married n have a family wit 2 kidz mayb even 3 I couldnt love you more den I already do I aint no usher but ull alwayz be my boo now we both at da altar both sayin I do me n u our foeva damn im glad GOD put us togetha da world would seem so empty witout u I wouldnt kno wut to do if u werent to say I luv u too wordz couldnt explain deze feelingz in my heart datz y im hopin we'll neva fall apart me n u didnt need cupidz love dart we fell in love witout it so we were ment to be n datz y u have to key to my heart babygurl now letz hop in my private jet n cruise the world


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