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I feel like tackling every girl

I've known you since 3rd grade, I hated you until 7th grade, we've been dating since then. I can't tell you how much I want to but I can't. I'm to young, I wish I wasn't. I feel like tackling every girl that has ever been with you and ripping all there hair out. Cuz they don't deserve you. You're sweet and yet you're an a**. But I know that I love you anyway, I won't ever stop.
I rememeber that day just a little while ago. My friend tried to beat up your brother at the park. I just sat there on the swing innocent and silent. I wanted to yell but I couldn't. When you tried to defend him, she yelled at you, I felt so bad when I left that day. I walked away and kept looking back at you, tellig you I loved you with my eyes.


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