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________________________My Silent Angel_________________

I was a failing 15 years old high school student in the 10th grade. I didn't care about anything. My grades, Myself, the fact that I didn't have any real friends and the fact that I was giving up on life. I rode the bus to school only because I had to. Now that was the story of my life before my 10th grade year.
Tenth grade is when "I" was born. I have to say before I met her I was nothing.
Here is how "I" started
I was riding the bus to school just wishing the same wish I do every day. To jump out that window and walk off away from home and school. We take a different road today and all I thought was someone was sick today "Oh boy, school faster just what I need." We stop at a new house. "Oh sweet another person to take up breathing space."
(Now your seeing how I always thought about stuff before)"let us continue"

Then I see her start to come out of the house slowly and I am thinking "Hurry up we don't have all day". The moment I see her face I don't know what happened but my first thought was. "Oh man this girl looks like she is terrified." She gets on the bus and sits in the front seat. Someone back by me says Hello is thi... "he stops talking because she is shaking."
By now I don't even know who I am anymore. I get up, a few people gasp because I normally get up when I am angry. I walk over to where she sits and ask if I may take a seat next to her. She doesn't say anything, but she nods yes without even looking at me. So now everyone is surprised because I never sit next to anyone unless I am forced to.
I say to her "Your shaking, You don't have a sweater, It's the middle of winter... Would you like to borrow my sweater. She shakes her head no (and to my surprise) and stops shaking.

Now that was a year and 2 weeks ago. Today we both love each other. I'm sitting next to her everyday in the 11th grade on the bus she now being in the 10th grade. We are both the same age soon. Until she turns my age (16) in a few weeks. I'm not going to worry her mother by going any further than a kiss on the cheek good-bye. I understand her more than anyone at my school. I have never heard her voice before. The only way I know she can talk is because her mom tells me some stuff she mentions. I can give you full details on how I know all this without her telling me and how I love someone who has never talked to you. All I will tell you is she is my silent angel and I am her guardian spirit.

I just showed you a very very small part of this story its a true story. But looking at the other stories sizes I figured I would size mine down. My actual sized story is 21 pages long full page no double spacing. I didn't think it would fit in here so... lol
I am 16 y.o. in love with an autistic girl typing 21 page long books about us. In one year I went from a ignorant bully, To a (you put what I turned into) I'll let you decide what I have become (I really don't know)

I like to show people my story because love can work miracles... I know because I've been through that miracle even when I didn't deserve anything in life.


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