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I met him at a church thingy

i was 13. And he was 14 I met him at a church thingy. I was working with my friend at a booth and he walked up to talk to her. I was handing out a cake to someone and once i turned around i just stoped. He had longish brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. I was crazy about him at that moment. i asked my friend who he was when he walked off and she said he was her cousin. i was so happy and i told her all that i thought about him. so after we got off hse went up to him and told him and he said he had thought the same thing when he saw me. we ended up going back to her house and hung out all day. it was the so fun. I had to go home and i felt like i had just left a whole part of me behind. After talking about him for about a month to everyone. (he dose'nt live here)after a while i got a boyfriend and moved on. but he was always in the back of my head. so a moth after i turned 14 we started talkin all the time! (our birthday's r both in jan so he was 15). After a while my freind. )his cousin) hooked us up at her house one day. and we went through thick and thin together. I was cutting my self and he was not doing so great either but eventully we helped echother through it. it was a suddden connection from the start. we both liked all the same things and then my friend started going out with his best friend. (who lived next door to him, and she lives next to me.) so it was all going well. then my friends bf started liking me and me and my bf had been together for 7 months. the other guy started rumors and told me alot that wasnt true. but i didnt no (as i said he didnt live here) but in the end i said alot of hurtfull things because i was in so much pain. me and him are together still and close to our 8 month. but we talked last weekend and both said that things where changing sense then. we where going to stick it out and try to get through it all but its hard. just rem. its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all....he is my first love and even if we dont get through this..i will always have a place for him!! (by the way my friend broke up w/ the jerk that started this big mess and none of us talk to him anymore)


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