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I just want to die

This happens to me all the time. After all this I found someone I really liked. I worked directly with her for over a year. Our desks were right next to each other. Secretly I liked her, but she was married. She was in a bad marriage and was unhappy. Then one day she broke of her marriage. Still I kept my feelings for her to myself. Then one day she let a friend of hers tell me she liked me. It was then I let my feelings be known to. But we had to wait until she was able move out of her house an get her own place. It took a few months and she finally left home an got her own place. But around that time, this new guy started at our work. He is single too. Now she is going out with him. Not only that, I have to see their relationship happen before me everyday. It just kills me.

Where did I go wrong? How did I lose out so suddenly? But I'm used to it. Whenever I'm going out with someone or find someone I like, some guy that's cooler and better looking than me comes along and wins her heart and left to be alone. Now I'm getting older and I am all alone. I should just give up on love. It doesn't exist, at least not for me. I really don't want to live if it means I will be all alone. The pain of seeing the girl I liked and said she liked me too never give me a chance and quickly hook up with someone else. I have to see it everyday now. I just want to die.

[Hope you see this since this isn't the place to answer... please don't think of dying. There are thousands of women who feel exactly like you and would give anything to be with you. See a therapist who can help you through this painful interval. Best of luck! George]


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