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Love isn't as hard to find as i thought

If you say love doesn't exist maybe you are looking in the wrong place, i found love or i thought i had. It was about two years ago when i met my ex. he amd i got into fights so many times, and would beat me up and then be glad with it. I would leave his house so upset and ao ashamed. Then after i got pregnant he left me, i cried for three months straight. I felt like so many people feel after a bad relationship,I was hurt,angery, but most of all still in love with him. After i had my child i moved back to my home to finish school, when i moved back i got a job and there my cousin ask me to meet her friend. Little did i know it was the same person, i knew in school before i lefted. Well at first he didn't want to go with me because he thought me and my baby's father were still together, he could't be more wrong. So one night we started talking and before i know it time was passing by like crazy, before i went to visit my father, he brought me a phone to stay in touch with him. We would talk all night, right away i felled in love with him. I wasnt really attracted to his looks, but to his personality; that's what kills me. At the beginning of our relationship, i told him a love a sponteneous relationshp, and at the beginning it couldn't be more spontaneous. I try ti let him know everyday how much i love him, and i know he shows me the same thing. Love isn't as hard to find as i thought it was, i found only a year after being heartbroken, our relationship couldn't be more loving, exciting, and spontaneous. I never want to let him go i love im so much.



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