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people take care of strangers

This guy of my crush started to show up in my class to help the people who don't understand English very well and we always caught each other staring at each other and i was pretty sure
that we were on the same page. one day he asked me to go out to help us now each other it was much better than i expected it and as we were going to the same neighborhood we were walking like those couples holding hands,smiling at each other when we stop by at my house he grab me so tight and kissed me i felt like the love thing is shining on me we always talk on the phone, go online and he keep telling me that he like me so bad i was feeling it days go on the karma thing was burning inside me. one morning i was walking by school stares and saw him with a girl wrapping her arms on him and tried to kiss him he tried to push her when he saw me but when he knew that i already know the truth he kept looking at my eyes by that time i can tell that he don't wanna lose both of us and then he tried to call me,come up online,show up in front of my class but i don't wanna hear anything
b/c this guy massed up my life and i can't tell weather he cheated on me or on her. people take care of strangers who seek for their best love by hurting your feelings.


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