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friends since 2000

ME nd My husband has been friiendsz siince 2000 and nothiing more untill one day iin 2003 he just came out of the bule and saiid he love me nd wants to be my man. of coure i wus shock and supriised ii couldnt beliive iit. iit wus weiired to me. everytiime he would call i wouldnt pick he would come by ii wouldnt answer the door. so oneday ii ran iin to hiim nd push came to shove we started to argue and stop talkiin he moved away and went to college. 2005 my one of my friiends brought up that he was gettin married that year and wanted to know iif ii would come to the weddiin and patch thiings up. at fiirst i told he no cause ii couldnt handle iit cause ii iindeed liike hiim. with out me even know she went back and told hiim i really had feeling for hiim. thiings diidnt work out between him nd the giirl he was goiing to marry, iin matter of tiime we got together and had a child and we lived happly ever..........not we broke up iin 2006 nd couldnt stand each other but may 2008 we settle things nd are back together and havent been inseperable ever since. i know nothing last forever but this love will forever causei know it!!!!

hope yu ejoyed my story.


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