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Longest relationship

Theres this man named, Brentder. Hes a year younger than I am. We're still very young and foolish but this time we know we want to be together for a long time. But the people around us has other opinions. Im hmong and he's lao. My parents object that I keep seeing him but he's what makes me happy. They don't understand that. This is the longest relationship Ive been in since they ruined my relationship with my last boyfriend, my first love. And this time I won't let anyone's words come between what we have. I know we may not end up like how we see eachother in the future but I want this to last while it does. So, here we are deeply in love. And devoted to eachother. And now, we're just waiting to see if our story goes on or has an ending with tears and memories that will be locked away in our hearts for good.

Thank you.
I didn't want my story to be long since there are already alot of love stories going on around the world.



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