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it was in da park story is kinda diff. will ma bf now add me on myspace he didnt kno it was me .n i asked him was he da boi down da street i didnt pay no 2cents 2 him but i known i saw him b4 ...will we just talk alot i said no 2 him all da time i didnt kno him n soo yah we talked more n more omg he made me feel soo like no 1 was like him .he ask me alot of time 2 be his gurlfriend but i always say no b/c ma mother didnt let me date in tell im 18 soo i was scard 2 go behind ma mother back n yah...but 1 day he ask me n he really wanted 2 be wit me.. he ask me n i said yes was in da park..i rememeber da day as it was yesterday ... i think im in love wit him ..he ma boo lol..but yah dat ma story idk i love it n da other times lol omg i should tell u all lol...but naww


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