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worse than pond scum...

This is a good one.In mid-December my hubby had been distant.He had no excuses.I trusted him.In January I had major surgery and had to wait 6 weeks for sex. I'm disabled, but he stayed with me. Our sex was good. He told me he would never cheat. Then, Kaboom!! One day my neighbor came over and told me that his wife had been having an affair with my husband. I was crushed. If he hadn't told me I would have never known. My husband was a coward. My neighbor and I fell in love. Now we have the last laugh. Our love is good.Was it fate? Was it destiny? The love Gods are shining upon us. We're happy. He's my best friend. We've shared more in 7 months than I shared with my ex of 6 years of marriage. Here's a sidenote to the story. She cheated before. She's a whore. Maybe his penis will fall off from a weird sex disease. They both got what they deserve, nothing, but each other.. Two worthless souls. They are worse than pond scum...


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