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I would have been so good to you

The repeat of my own words, but yet, you do nothing. I think you're the best in this world. You're my everything I dreamed of being with. But, you play games with me. Just twinging my heart around. You're obviously not serious, just a game to you. You mock my every word but you obviously don't mean them.

Yet still, my heart cries for you.

Every day you still appear in my thoughts. Why do you feel you are too good for me? You're not. You met your match....and I think you know it.

I adored you from the first time I ever saw you. It was even better when you displayed your sweet, genuine personality. You were so damn cute. The little things you did, were so attractive... You have no idea. Just to get know you that little that I did. I loved every minute with you, constantly in "shock-in-awe," when I was with you.

Stupid mistakes happened on each side. It wasn't just me. It wasn't just you. But, if they were too much to forgive, then why are we still here?

I'll never forget you. My feelings for you will NEVER FADE...I unknowingly expected to fall in love with you. You were great. You are the Best. But, my hope for you to return will one day fade. It is so painful to realize I meant nothing to you. You just didn't feel the way I did for you.

I don't think "bad," of you in any aspect. Infact, I wish I was the one by your side. But you're the only reason why we're not together. It's not me. I don't think you're "desparate," or "creepy." But if you don't stop to just give me the time of day, what else can I do? Love you, hope for you.......... forever? I do wish that you find everything you want in this life. I hope you are the happiest in this world.

Just know one thing....

I care for you. Typically I am strong and unemotionally attached, but you changed that in one single beat. I waan't looking for my dream, but there you were. Out of nowhere... No warning, no searching for.. There you were. I can't help how I feel for you. It just breaks me that I wasn't important to you.

So, I'll move on and be what I used to be before I met you.

I love you.

I can't tell you how devoted I would be for you. I can't tell you how your best friend would there when you needed someone. I can't tell you how she would be there for you to make you laugh, to listen to you, to just be around for you.

You left an impression like no other. I think I Love you. But you just didn't feel it. That's fine.
Will I ever get over you? Stop loving you? ProbaBly not. But, I can still pretend to live without wanting you...painfully.

I would have been so good to you.....


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