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Please do not give up hope for true love! After a bad marriage and a bad divorce that was followed by several additonal years of intense lonliness, I felt I needed a break from it all. Despite the fact that I was successful at work and had wonderfrul friends, I felt I wanted to relocate to get a new start in life. So I moved out of the country and after the initial novelty wore off, I realized that I was just as lonely as before and my life was completely void off love. When I finally saw this, I told God that I could not go through life alone anymore, that I could not take it any longer. The same day I ran into one of my new friends and we ended up talking for hours. The following day he came over for a visit and we have been together ever since. Thank you God for sending me this wonderful man to save me from walking this cold earth all by myself. It does not matter that he is 15 years younger and of a different race than me, I accept your gift with grattitude and defy anyone who wants to turn this into something dirty. I was trying to fight my feelings at first, but I soon realized that I should not do this just because I thought the 'packaging' was inappropriate. So when love comes to you in an unexpected form, do not turn it away. Embrace it!


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