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It all started in High school

It all started in High school. It was my senior year and there was this girl in my class that i had a huge crush on. The first time i saw her i was working at a grocery store and she had come in with her family from time to time. From the very first second i saw her i knew she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen.
Little did i know that her mother worked at the same store. I had told my friend, who at the time worked with me, and he knew that her mother worked there and had told her that i had a crush on her daughter.
When i finally got the courage to talk to her i had found out that she was in a relationship, but it wasnt a good one. One month later i found myself in love with the girl of my dreams.
Once school was over and i had graduated it was time for me to start my life. I had plans prior to meeting her on moving all the way across the country. She knew of this as well. It was very hard leaving her knowing how much we had in common and how much i loved her. We tried the long distance thing and it work for a while but after a month and a half we called a quits.
I tried everything i could to get over her but it just wasnt working. I stopped talking to her as much and tried dating but just nothing could get my mind off her. Then it happened. I woke up one morning realizing she was the only girl that could make me happy. All the money i was making didnt matter. The life i could lead with her by myside would make EVerything ok again.
So here it is, a year after i first left and im back with her. I love her and i always will. I knew it when i first saw her and i still know it when i look into her beautiful eyes. shes amazing and i dont care what im doing for work or how much i make, I Love her.


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