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I thought i knew what love was

I thought i knew what love was, obviously being only in highschool i was completely wrong. During my sophomore year i had been dating this guy that just seemed perfect- later on in our relationship things fell apart. we both lied to eachother (dishonesty is never healthy) and rumours were flooding hallways that he had cheated on me. In the end i called it quits with him, no matter how much i knew he was a jerk i couldnt help but feel crushed, insignificant, i gave up on love.

I turned into a horrific sight, ignoring everyone and everything, lost in my own misery. I didnt bother going to the dances, or caring about the new boys who had temporary shallow crushes on me. only until the day of my junior year, i walked into an english literature class i loved and noticed a new student sitting in my spot. He was probably the most gorgeous human being i have ever seen, though forgetting about looks and boys i became extremely irritated with him. I always sat in that seat! and he was wearing stupid sunglasses- who the hell wears sunglasses in class.

First impressions can be very wrong, i know that for a fact, as you may or may not have guessed i fell deeply in love with him. He showed me many things i thought only existed in a state of day dreaming. He's taught me that love can be found after the worst of experiences, his optimism lightens my life and i can't picture a world without him. I have found my true love...


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