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infinite xs and os

When I was four i was in Nursery school in London with this kid from Japan. we were really good friends and we "liked" eachother. when i had to move to New york City, we promised we would stay in contact. we didn't. Until a few months ago, i totally forgot he existed, but then on the fifth of august, I got a letter from him. It said-
You probably don't remember, but I'm -----! I just wanted to say that i'll be moving to New york in a week

infinite xs and os,

I was thrilled.I called my friends and explained the news to them. They were psyched to meet him. The day he came I was a little dissaponted. I have to admit, I expected him to be a muscular sixth grader, but what i saw was large square glasses, and a goofy smile. He was really good at math, and he helped me study, even though he doesn't go to my school.
The other day, me and his half-sister had a sleepover. he was there to drop her off. when she went to call her mom in the other room, me and him were alone. At one point, he complimented something on the wall of my room. i couldn't see it, so he pushed me closer. i tripped on the trundle bed, and he well, fell on me. I, in my girly you-are-a-pervert way, I kicked him in the, erg, phallus. he screamed, but the I apologised. When we were at the park the next day, I drew the scenery while he watched me from behind. I looked behind me and beamed. at that moment I saw how nice, smart, funny, and cute he was. I almost fainted when I realized that I liked him. I am the kind of person that can't keep a secret, even if it's my own. when I felt like I was going to explode, I told him. I blurted it out, just at the twilight. I could feel my cheeks going red. he told me, blushing, that he was about to say the same thing. I looked at him, bug-eyed and my mouth gaping open.
"Saywhat?" i asked, scratching my head.
he told me he liked me, properly this time and, well, I couldn't really feel the moment, because his glasses were getting really close to my face. Just then, we kissed. I don't know how or why, we just did. I know i'm still too young for a real relationship with a boy, but i'll wait for him, and he'll wait for me.


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