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he was the world to me

i had a boyfriend. he was the world to me. just the way he talked to me made my heart skip a beat. i was madly in love with him. and he was with me. well thats what i thought.

one day i was in town shopping with me best friends. we were having a good time. my friend pointed out a couple making out. she said it looked like my boyfriend. and im like umm well its not him cause he loves me. i quickly glanced again and to my horriffic site it was him. my boyfriend making out with another girl.
i was torn apart.
i cried for days and days until he rang me
he asked me why i hadnt called
and he said that he would never stop loving me and that he would never set his eyes on another girl.
i told him what i saw
and then he said sorry and hung up the phone
5 minutes later he turned up at my door and started speaking.
"im sorry but i just got bored of you. i did love you but i fell in love with another girl and we just hit it off loook i know we have been going out for a while but i wanna go with this other girl" he then walked off

i was shocked, hurt and the way he said im gonna go off now hurt me so much i went crazy in my head.

i have never had a boyfriend since cause i know it will just end up in tears
i was heart broken


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