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You know it's love when moments like these happen

You know it's love when he's on the computer chair, and she's sitting there, on her bed, looking her worst, head throbbing, hair messy and sweaty from all the sweating she's been doing thanks to fevers and Tylenol and warm drinks, nose all red and worn out from too much tissue usage, eyes and face flushed and pale... and he still stares at her lovingly. His stare still tells her that she's the most beautiful girl in the world to him. His eyes still show such deep love and devotion, and he still makes her feel like the luckiest girl ever.

In fact, it was probably was the most loving way she's ever seen him stare at her and into her eyes. In the past, he has definitely stared at her lovingly while she looked and felt her best, and he has definitely made her feel beautiful and lucky by doing that, but those moments were nothing like this moment. To be stared at as though she were looking amazing even at her worst, she felt fully accepted. There is nothing to hide.

You know it's love when moments like these happen.

I feel absolutely loved.


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