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Romance lies in the air,

I knew as soon as I saw him, i was going to fall deeply in love with him. I could't help it. He had the deepest bright blue eyes and cute freckles on his nose. He was tall, wirey, yet strong with floppy hair that i just wanted to rustle up with my hands.
Everyday as i sat down during class i couldnt help looking at him and thinking to myself, i wish he would be my boyfriend. Time passed and i soon found myself laughing along with him and smiling. He soon began noticing me as well and he directed all his jokes to me. I felt a strong relationship building up and i was happy.
But there was one problem. He was my bestfriend's ex from 2 years ago and i knew that she still loved him. I felt like i would be betraying her if me and him were to be together. But i soon began realizing that i had always been behind her listening to everything that she thought was right. And that it was my turn to show myself.
Days later i found myself dreaming of him and flirting with him all the time in class.Him evening tickling me and talking to me bout everything. And she began getting angrier and angrier till she did sumtin ill never forget. She called him and me out in the open.
Now that might not sound so bad to you now but you don't know that im black and he's white. We are both irish but he has more irish than me. So i watched as his ears got bright red and me shocked. All i could do was laugh it off. I didnt want people to look at me differenly because of that.
It is weeks later and me and him still continue to like each other. I find my bff still competeing with me but i choose to ignore it. I hope that we soon can sort things out. There are plenty of guys who are waiting for her and me i think i found my true love. Oneday ill tell him my true feelings and him do the same for me but its not time yet. Maybe when people stop being predjudice is when it will be the time. But that might not be ever. For now I just want to enjoy the good times we share as just being friends. Even if we do want more. All i can say is that ill wait for him forever as I know he'll do the samefor me.
Romance lies in the air,


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