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3 years, 10 months, and 28 days

I have been broken up with my ex-girlfriend for 3 years, 10 months, and 28 days. I have had girls as friends but have not gotten involved with any more than just casual dating, no holding hands or having sex. Once I got close to having sex, but he ex got out of jail and moved back in with her. since then, onc other time I had a girlfriend but had no sex. she had a drinking problem, a bad one, and hid that from me. I found out and broke up with her 'cause she got real drunk and was telling me what to do, like I was her child or something. I love myself enough to know that I didn't deserve that. I am handsome and have a nice body, the girls look at me, but I am too much chicken to try to make the first move. I am nice I have been told. I lost my Dad when I was thirteen, and was around women ever since. Didn't hang around the guys much. I love women, but there are "manly" characteristics that are missing. I am not homosexual, otherwise I would not even bother to write this. I can love; guess I thouht that I didn't deserve it. Perhaps I am wrong. If everyone deserves love, then I guess that I do too. I'll try the best that I know, to be genuine, honest, sincere, and see what happens. But I'm still scared. There's a woman I heard that wants to go out with me. I will talk to her, and let nature run its course.


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