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i just want to forget him and not hurt anymore

the first time i met him was when my sister invited him to a cookout we had it was her boyfriend i didnt realy talk to him but i liked him but the rule between me and my sis was that nobody went out with a guy the other had gone out with so i keept my distance a few months later they broke up then this summer i was board and just decided to call him and i would talk to him almost every day then when i went a few days with out calling him he would call me and be all hurt and ask why i hadnt called him and i toled him cause i had been busy and it was true i had been realy busy and he would joke around and say yea u just dont wanna talk to me. then at the end of the summer his parent had to stay where they were to work so his mom talked to my mom and asked if he could come and stay with us and start school so he didnt miss any school and my mom said sure then my sister all of a sudden decided she wanted to come home and start school than stay with my dad well he got here than the next day we went and got my sister from my dads she would get realy jealous when we would play or talk and he would alway be around me and i acted like i didnt like him and that i didnt notice it for the first few days but than we were sitting on the couch and alone playing slaps and we laughed about something and our foreheads came togather and out lips touched then we were loading the dish water and we got done he huged me and i looked up and he touched his lips to mine and we went to open our mouths and kiss but he said he didnt know how and i said i didnt either and we pulled away then that evening we walked into the living room and he put his arm around me and started kissing me and we were makeing out it was my first real kiss and i got kinda scared so we stopped we were out of breath and i toled him i was scared and he ask me of what and i toled him i wasnt sure and i realy wasnt and he toled me that if i wanted we could stop and i toled him i didnt want to and we kept kissing we would get up in the morning and kiss he would kiss me good night he toled me he loved me and i toled him i loved him to and he just didnt know how much i loved him we would hold hands all the time and kiss every chance we could then the third week we took a weekend and went to the beach me my sis lil cousins him my aunt and uncle well me and him got up early on the last day and went lookin for seashells walking on the beach and kissing so when we came back everyone was still asleep so we sat on the couch and started to makeout and about ten min later my mom walks out and says in than tone that she could just kill someone with that this was interesting and i hugged him got up and went to our room and she let into me like i thougt their would be no 2marrow well i got all teary and started crying and we got in so much trouble it wasnt funny but i still loved him so much so that same day he gave me a kiss on the mouth but it was tender and he toled me with that that every thing was okay then the next day he tried to kiss me but i was to upset and i pulled away but he let me have my space and then when i calmed down we just went on like we used to kissing when we got the chance then we got into it bad i was pissed cause he didnt talk to me at school and he was alway flirting with other girls and he ignored me alot so then it got to where he would look at me like he hated me and it hurt me and he wouldnt talk to me and we fought all the time and i couldnt take it any more so i toled him it was over and i regreted it as soon as i did it but i couldnt undo it no matter how much i tried i toled him i still loved him he toled me not to say that and we just grew apart but i still loved him then last week my mom left and he went to stay with his step sister and somehow i knew he wasnt comeing back and hes not i feel empty iv tried to be his friend he doesnt want to be friends and i feel empty so empty i hurt so much i feel like the pain will never stop i lie to myself and tell my self that i dont love him i try not to think about him and i try to forget him but i still love him but hes got a nice beautiful new girlfriend and i just want to forget him and not hurt anymore


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