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come back home Elle

So the story goes like this...I was working one fine afternoon and was introduced to a new employee, Elle. She was the cutest girl I had seen, petite, sexy brown eyes, a perfectly tan complexion, and a very nice figure. Thoughts were immediately rushing through my head and my first instinct was to say "Hello, I'm Mike". You see, I was actually seeing someone else and I couldn't reveal what I was actually thinking/feeling. It turns out that she was seeing someone as well. Weeks had gone by with just back and forth hellos until we started on everyday conversations and emails.
It was a sunny breezy fall day and she asked me to go to lunch with her. I was a little reluctant at first because I still had a gf, but eagerly agreed anyway. We both left our office in my car and as we were leaving the parking lot, she asked if I was actually hungry, would I prefer to just go hang out at a nice park. My stomach was growling with hunger, but I agreed hanging at a park would be much better. We found a nice secluded nearby park and sat in the car and listened to music, comparing each others taste in music. I couldn't hold back any longer and leaned in to surprise her with a kiss. She immediately pulled back and away and in a surprised sarcastic tone "Michael, what are you doing"?, then without warning came back at me with the sweetest kiss. We couldn't hold back and didn't stop for one breath. I'll never forget that day because it's the day I fell in love with the one whom I HOPE is the love of my life. It's the day our lives "collided".
We both left our significant others soon after and eventually took a big step and bought a house together. It wasn't easy in the beginning, adjusting to each others quirks and stuborness, but we soon found common ground.
Earlier this year we started to fall apart and lose what we once had. I think I never realized what we had and just took advantage of having her there. We both have our problems and have our difficulties resolving them. I know she wanted me to try harder. She even emailed me months ago hoping we could fix our shortcomings so we could be happier. I was in denial about my problems and told her it wasn't an issue. I couldn't have been farther from the truth. Our communication slowly broke down and we both started to stray from the relationship. When we would go out, we would argue and separated from one another. We should have worked harder on the relationship and not worry so much about the unimportant things. I became the person I never wanted to. I became bitter and angry.
I found out she had been cheating on me with another man who had been in town on business. I understand why she did this, I became someone who she despised. I was hurt and angry at the same time. I didn't let on to her that I knew of this. Instead I let it brew and boil up inside until I finally asked her to leave and move out of my home. I explained that I knew what was going on with her and the other guy. At first she denied everything and then finally came out with the truth. Even though I knew it before, my heart was torn in pieces as she told me everything. I never thought she would ever do that to me. I thought our love could survive anything. However, she did say to me that if I ever changed my mind, she would drop it all in an instant. I'm not convinced that she would. She is now 1000 miles away with this other guy for Thanksgiving week. It's been 4 nights since she's been gone. I know now that I never gave enough, didn't support her enough, encourage enough, and love enough. We both lied to each other and kept our secrets hidden. I was selfish and put my needs before hers. I'm not sure if this is where the story ends or if we have more to tell. I'm hoping, if she'll take me back, that we have many more happy years together. I can only say this, I want her more than anything. I've never missed someone this much before. I want to open up to you and tell you everything. No more lies, no more secrets. I'm sorry for every mean word spoken and I will try EVERY day to be the Man you've always wanted. I want that baby girl we've always dreamed of and more importantly I need you in my life. I will correct every wrong ever that I've done. You are my world, my heart, and my soul. Please come back home Elle...


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