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Folding napkins

It was the first week at my second job, I've been getting to know some cool people. Meeting everyone and learning some things.

Everything was going good, it was then I met this girl. Well not really met we kinda locked eyes and fell in love, well maybe not fall in love right away. She gave me this look that wasnt the friendliest look anyone can give to someone who they barely knew. I guess she looked at me and quickly made a decision that I was pathetic.

After that i guess i hardly spoke to her and for the first few weeks i never even knew her name. Its kinda funny that that special girl that can make me feel loved is right next to me and even I don't know it. It wasn't until both of us made an attempt to get to know each other. I still remember our first time talking together she sat alone at a table folding napkins. I ask her if it was ok if I sat next to her. To my surprised she said it was alright.She talked about how important school was and education. Well not really a 17 year old would normally speak but I didn't care.

After that I supposed we didn't talk as much for a long time maybe like 5 minutes conversations. I developed a crush on her niece, her niece was more talkative than her and always talk to me.

More and more after that me and started talking quite a bit more than usual. Some mutual friends invited us to see a movie as a group. I was excited to go for some reason i wanted to talk to her, like get to know her more. She always try to set me and her niece up constantly. Well I felt crushed as I wanted to get to know her more not her niece. She tells me that me and her niece look cute together i really felt devastated as it sounds like she doesn't want me for her but for her niece. Still I try to talk to her as often as possible.

As the months flew by I hanged out with my friends and family, went to school, and go to work. Then one day I noticed that i haven't seen her in over a month, I was worried that she have left work or worst yet someone have told me that she moved away. I looked for her name on the schedule list and her name wasn't on it my heart started beating faster then finally asked a manager if she quit. He told me no shes just on vacation and her name wasn't put up on the list. To my relief I was glad that she was coming back.

Months went by again and she eventually came back and we started talking like normally, I was really glad i was talking to her. I even said to myself " come one what if she did really leave tell her how you feel". A friend then invited to both us to a party a quincenera. I received an email from her saying if i was gonna be there. I had to convince my dad to postpone our vacation trip one day so i can go.

On that day there was 4 of us there waiting for other people and she said i looked nice well i didn't say anything and that comment completely went over my head. Me and my friends were hesitating on dancing it, i rejected everyone who tried to dance with me until she grabbed me and i finally gave in. After that night when I was heading home she called me and see if I wanted to hang out with her and her friend well i told her I couldn't since me and my dad were leaving early in the morning. I wish I would've gone.

The following month prom was coming up and I told her that prom was coming up for our school and she suddenly said that you should ask my niece i said oh well i guess. She gave her phone number to talk about everything. Then i asked her niece to the prom and she said she cant. well of course i was sad that she said no. A week later I tried asking the girl I should've asked the first time. I called her and she was shocked that I was asking her to prom. She told me that she didn't know if she could go. I don't blame her for saying no I made it look like she was second choice. I tried asking a friend from school but she wanted to get her dress for her needless to say i never talked to that "friend" again. Well prom went and go I went with a bunch of friends and I tried to have fun.

Months after that our friendship grew we began talking more and more, I even told her some jokes ,sprayed her with water and we were like a couple of kids. Even though my heart was telling me that I love her, she says things that the feeling wasn't mutual. I started going on a date with a friend from school she was a nice girl but i had a feeling this wasn't gonna last long. Me and my friend went to a movie and a received a text from her saying what I was doing. My mind started going both ways it was Friday night this girl asking me what I was doing.

Well that night i told my friend that im sorry that i think we should just remain friends. I wanted to hang out with her alone not with a bunch of us.

She came up with the idea that we should go to the movies ALL of us not just me and her. So that night i told her that i called them and said that they couldnt go. That way it would be only me and her seems cynical but i really wanted to get her one on one. That day we went to see a kids movie a movie about stars which she said that she loved stars.

Her birthday was coming up and I asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was going to her brothers to celebrate her birthday. Then the day before she told me that her brother was doing something else and wont be able to throw her a party. A coworker told me that you should ask her out on her birthday, later on that night as we were walking outside she sat next to me by my car and I asked her that if she wanted to hang out on her birthday to my surprise she said yes. I remember her saying that she loved looking at the midnight stars and that gave me a good idea for her birthday.

I shouldve planned that day for me to tell her how I felt for her. Well first i took her to a Chinese restaurant and then to the mall. I know so shabby for a birthday. Well after hanging out at the mall i gave her my birthday present to her a star named after her. I told her that she deserved a special place up there. That night she told me her hand was cold and jokingly i told yea let me see....then at that moment i grabbed her hand and didnt let go and she didnt mind at all. I tried to show her the star her star but she couldn't see it lol. when it was time for her to go I couldn't bring myself to beat my fear of grabbing her and sharing our first kiss together. I knew i had to see her again.

A couple weeks later her prom was coming up i wanted to ask her to her prom but after all that after the time we spent even i wasn't sure if we were in love or we were just being awkward around each other. My friend told me that before I got there she was excited to go to prom but when i got there she told me that she didn't want to go anymore. I was confused on why she said that or why she at times seem to love me and at times ignore me. She ended up going solo too.

On prom night she started drinking at her friends house and asked her friend to text me so she said everything she felt. She told me that she shouldve asked me to prom and the truth is that she loved me. At first okay shes just playing around with me and drunk people only say things they dont mean.

The next day she asked me to meet me. I seriously thought she wanted to discuss something important like i thought she was sick, moving away, or worse say that she was sorry about what she said to me last night and it wasn't true. After an hour of stalling she said all those text were true. That one sentence told me everything she felt after all the time. I told her you know Elena i love you too.

that was one year and seven months ago and still i feel for her what i felt for her for when i first met her i still feel nervous around her though not as much she is my love my world that one person that you know you will love for a long time to come.

I can write about our story but stories has beginning a middle and an ending, and theres the problem our story knows no ending. my love will always write a chapter on our lives forever i love you Elena...


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