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Girl next door

since i was in the 7th grade i have had this crush on a boy i met randomly. the first time i seen him, i remember walking across the room and telling myself that he would be the man i marry one day. as the years went by, this boy transfered to my school and became one of the biggest jerks anyone could ever know. he lied to everyone around him, his parents, his friends, me, and even himself. it was like he was living a lie when on the inside he was completely different. watching him go through between three and four girlfriends was hard enough, besides the fact that he treated me like i would never be good enough in his eyes. when 12th grade came along, things started changing slowly. the girl he had been with for a while broke his heart and i guess you can say that sparked the change within him. before we both left off for college, we kissed the night before he left. im not sure if he meant that he really cared about me when he said he did. now, hes a complete different person. he cares about others and his heart is being humbled as the days go by. im still not sure if he cares about me, but i know that if him being with someone else will make him a better person and be happy, then i will go on with my life being the same as just the girl next door from his home town.


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