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Free Falling

title:..."free falling"... by:
jorygail :D

there's a cliff that's very very high
up...then there's a guy...who's name
is aldrin along with a girl named
Keru...he asked the girl to just sit
with front of the great cliff
and just wait..just wait...until one
day...his best friend ray came...ray
took keru's hand and said..."hey
keru. ..will you jump the cliff for me?
i promise to catch you please jump off
the cliff."
then keru resisted and replied..."are
yo u sure that you're gonna catch me if
i jump off the cliff? will you really
catch me?"then ray said...
"of course i will catch you so jump
for me!" pushing keru off the
cliff...this made aldrin surprised
which caused both friends to fight...
" why did you pushed her?! i was the
one who's supposed to make her jump
the cliff...not you..."said aldrin
angrily." but i want her to fall for me...and
i'm gonna catch her..."said ray and
went down the cliff and waited on the
spot where keru is supposed to
land...then he looked up seeing his
friend...his best friend as
keru fell leaving her there letting
her fall with no one to catch her he
went up and went to his friend for the
sake of their friendship...just for
their friendship not to break...then
aldr in realizing this he told
ray..."you can have her...she's yours
make her fall the cliff ok...but on
just one condition...when she
falls...catch her for me...don't let
her fall flat in the ground and get
t hen ray replied," of course i won't
of course i'll catch her....i'll not
hurt her...i promise." then aldrin
left the cliff leaving ray and
Keru..then ray went to Keru...
"Hey Keru please fall for
me...please jump off the cliff for
me...I promise to catch you...just
please jump for me..."said Ray.
"Are you really sure that you're gonna
catch me?", said the doubting Keru.
"Yes i will so just please jump for
me..."said Ray pushing keru off the
cliff. Then Keru fell...
as she fell Ray asked,"Keru if ever i
was the one jumping will you catch me
Keru replied frustratingly,"You? catch
you?! I don't wanna catch you...I
don't even wanna fall here in the
first place and now you're asking if
I'm gonna catch you?!"
this made Ray disappointed...then left
the spot where Keru's gonna fall...and
again Keru fell in the ground...and
this she had been
more injured than the first fell she
had...after realizing things...Ray
came back.
"Hey Keru...ummmm...keru please fall
for me...please jump for me...can you
please jumo for me again? Please...i
really promise to catch you...i really
do i'll wait for you...till you
finally fell here in my arms...i
really do so please jump for
me..."said Ray sincerely.
the injured Keru replied,"Are you
really sure you're gonna catch me this
time? i mean...c'mon will you really
"Yup i will i promise to wait for
you...and i'll catch you...",said Ray
once again pushing keru off the cliff
for the third she was
Keru asked.."Ray....will you
really wait for me till i land in your
arms? will you catch me this time?"
"Yup i'll wait and i'll catch
you.."answered Ray.
then as time passes by the question
kept repeating over and over then Keru
finally nearing the ground and looked
at Ray...then she saw ray...fading...
' what's this?why is ray fading? or
maybe i'm just hallucinating or
then she finally reached
fell and again...hit the ground and
looked up at ray which was in reality
a hologram...with the recorder
saying.. .'i'll catch you...i promise i
will and i'll wait for you here till you
land safe in my arms...because of
the great fall...her body was
fractured and now with broken
bones...she can no longer stand but
just moan on the pain that was caused
by free falling from the cliff...later
on the real Ray appeared...
"Hey Keru what are you doing there
lying in the ground like that?"asked
Ray as if nothing happened. But all
Keru can say now a soft moan of pain
and nothing more...
"ummm ok...dude...the free falling
thing forget it past is past...we
should just forget about it and move
on...its finished so get up and move
on...",said Ray apathetically then left
poor Keru in the ground not even
helping her stand up or
Just leaving her there as
if nothing happened...even with a
fractured body and some broken ru stood dragging her body
in search of an old friend who just
let her sat in the cliff doing nothing
allowing her to do what she
wants...she dragged herself even with
a heavy heart just to find this
friend, aldrin that is so
kind...finally she found him...
"...Aldrin ..."said Keru weakly.
"Keru...Keru what happened?" asked
the shock Aldrin.
"...He made me fell of the cliff
thrice...which made me like
this...aldrin please help body
can't take it hurts so
much..."said the oh-so injured Keru.
"I'm really disappointed at Ray for
doing this to you...hey c'mon
smile...I'l l try and help you",said
Aldrin smilingly to Keru.
----OoO---0 THE END 0---OoO----


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