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Tongue wrestling

First Kiss-

T and I were walking on a path (woods) and we go off the trail and end up on this beach. so T sees this tree thats on a hill and kinda at an angle and he runs over and sits on it, so the tree's in between his legs. (picturing it?) and then i tell him to get out but he's stuck right? so he says he needs some motivation. so i kiss him and he asks i ask if that was enough and he's a guy so of the course the answer is "no" but i walk away anyway, practically in the water and finally he gets out and comes over to me and he just holds me for like 20 minutes straight. Then i look into his eyes and kiss him, slowly and softly at first but then harder. and then he slips his tongue into my mouth and we "wrestle". then i tell him his tongues stronger than mine cuz he kept pinning mine down and he says its cuz he works out. and all the time we're talking we were kissing too. it was amazing and every couple minutes i would 'come up for air' and rest my head on his shoulder and he would kiss my next. omg, i was about to go crazy. it was amazing!!! so by now its been like 30 minutes....

did i mention it was thanksgiving? ;)


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