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Mr Right

M3 4ND MY B0YFRi3ND H4V3 B33N T0G3TH3R F0R 4 LiTTL3 0V3R 4 M0NTH 4ND i WiLL N3V3R F0RG3T TH3 NiGHT TH4T H3 T0LD M3 H3 L0V3D M3. W3 W3R3 T3XTiNG L4T3 4T NiGHT 4ND H3 T0LD M3 TH4T i W4S TH3 FiRST GiRL TH4 H3 3V3R L0V3D. i F3LT S0 SP3Ci4L B3CAUS3 I CAR3 4B0UT HiM S0 MUCH 4ND iT M34NS M0R3 TH4N H3 WiLL 3V3R KN0W T0 H34R HiM T3LL M3 TH4T H3 L0V3S M3. TH0 H3'S N0T MY FiRST L0V3, i C4R3 4B0UT HiM S0 MUCH TH4T i KN0W B3iNG WiTH HiM iS TH3 RiGH THiNG F0R M3.


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