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Hate and Love

I use to hate this guy when we were in the 7th grade he use to insult me and curse me out. I use to hit him so hard and kick him. We both hated each other back then. Because of this hatred i never admitted to myself that i like him. I never know why i liked him maybe because at the end of the school year he started to be nice to me.

Now in the 8th grade he became double nice to me. When i was down because my first boyfriend and I broke up he was the first one to hug me and asked if I was ok. In the very same day I admitted to my self that i do like him. When he found out I like him he asked me out and at 12/11/07 we become official. He is the perfect boyfriend. HE is sweet, romantic, and also funny. He makes me feel good about myself. Little by little i am no longer hating myself. Even though we have only been going out for a short period of time it feels like we've been together for years. We talk about everything and anything.

We do not keep secrets. We tell one other how we feel about each other and how we still get nervous talking. But we both agree we should not. We should be comfortable being around to each other. Also, he always told me that our relationship is so perfect noone even our parents could seperate us. I also told him that i still find out it funny for the fact that the boy i use to hate so much is now my boyfriend who love me for who i am and is a devoted sweet boyfriend.

I love him so much i would protect him of my ex BF who tries to beat him up so my Ex could get me back.
But my BF and i both know whatever happens this lovething going on with both of us could never be broken.

He say he love me and would never hurt me the way my ex hurted me. A special, nice girl like me doesnt deserve to be hurt. Everyday I fall madly deeply i love to him with his special words and how attach we are to each other.

Now you read my love story you could see that you could always find love anywhere. You just have to look closer, and you could suprise yourself by finding you most hatred person your most love of all.


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