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In my dreams

Well ... I started a new Job last November. And I got to know all the people within the team. To be honest, I never even thought about 'him', my team leader, in this way when I first met him. As December approached, I started having these dreams about him, and everytime I saw him at work my stomach would churn and I'd become almost paralysed. Just seeing his cheeky smile, and hearing him call my name I would melt. Sounds pefetic. I know.
I later found out that my contract was to be terminated, and it made me feel sick to think that I would never get to see or talk to him ever again. I didn't even really know him that well because I never siezed the oppertunety to. Anyway, I decided I would leave hi a small casual note and I left my phone number and online messaging address on it. And the next day, HE HAD ADDED ME, and we got talking!!
However, I thought that by talking to him it would make me get over him, because I felt physically ill over the whole ordeal. Anyway, even though I have only spoke to him three times. It's made me like him EVEN MORE!! He is really sweet, funny, kind, flirtatious . . . etc.
I thought that it could be the beginning of a great relationship, coz he seemed really keen and enthusiastic towards me.
HOWEVER, I unfortunetly discovered that he was going through a relationship crisis, and has now just got back WITH HIS EX. :(
A girl that I know from work.
I'm still stuck in this dilema, and I absolutely love him to pieces . . . but I haven't heard from him in three weeks. :( I can't stop thinking about him, and the only way I can see him . . . is when he is in my dreams. :(
Love . . . It really does suck.


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